Over the last few years several textbook publishers have created online companion web sites to their textbooks. Many of these companion sites contain an impressive amount of technology tools and materials such as PowerPoint presentations, primary sources, interactive maps, interactive tests and quizzes, essay questions, bulletin boards, chat rooms, and more. Even if you don’t teach with these textbooks you may well find many uses for their online companion resources. Some textbook companion web sites (or parts of them) are restricted to those who purchase the textbook, but many companion website resources are available to everyone. The list below features history and social studies textbook companion websites where all, or most, of the resources included are available to all at no charge.

[Editor’s note: Unfortunately Prentice School has retired many of its free textbook companion resources. -Tom Daccord]

The McGraw – Glencoe Online Teacher Center

The McGraw Hill – Glencoe Online Teacher Center includes companion textbook web sites access to Student Center activities and resources, as well as a teacher’s forum, research guides, related interactive websites, and more.

Middle School:

High School:

Note: The McGraw Hill-Glencoe Social Studies “Beyond the Textbook” interactive Web sites provide students and teachers with extended knowledge and skills through the integration of technology based on thematic lessons.

Pearson – Prentice Hall Textbook Companion Websites

The Pearson – Prentice Hall Textbook Companion Websites offer many teaching resources, including: online quizzes; writing activities; essay questions; web links; chat rooms and message boards; key word searches; PowerPoint slides, presentation graphics, and lecture hints and activities.

Wadsworth – CENGAGE Learning

Wadsworth textbook companion websites include a crossword puzzle, essay question, flashcards, glossary, Internet exercises, Infotrac reading, and quizzes.

See a list of all Wadworths’s History and Social Studies textbook companion websites

Routledge Textbook Companion Web Sites

The Routledge textbook companion resources typically include a bibliography, a chronology, and key terms or glossary. Some guides include PowerPoint presentations, flashcards, maps, and video. Overall they lack some of the interactive features available on other publisher web sites:

Sage Publications (Higher Education)

Content varies across subject areas and titles, but some of the features you can find on the companion web sites include PowerPoint slides, test questions, online glossary, web links, and teaching notes