Why Online Posters?

For generations teachers have used cardboard posters to display student work. But print posters are static and offer limited creative potential. Today, online posters provide a new range of possibilities for interactive and feature-rich presentations. Online posters can include multimedia, such as audio and video, as well as images and text. Their flexibility helps foster student creativity and skills, and provides a platform for building engaging, collaborative, and visually powerful presentations. Online posters offer exciting new opportunities for students to present ideas and knowledge in economics, geography, history, and social studies classrooms.

Online posters can help provide an audience for student projects well beyond a classroom wall. They can also help build visual literacy skills, or effective construction and communication via text and media. In constructing online posters students must think carefully about how to communicate their message effectively and persuasively. As such, an online poster can help foster critical thinking skills as students decide what to include/exclude in a poster and how elements might be integrated and arranged.

Today there are free, powerful, and intuitive online poster tools like Glogster and many practical ways of using these tools to enrich the curriculum and engage students. There are also innovative ways of incorporating online posters with other Web 2.0 tools, including video-sharing and audio-sharing websites. For instance, you can embed audio or video directly into a Glogster poster. These options are prompting many teachers to adopt Glogster as an alternative to a PowerPoint presentation. In this section we provide you with resources and examples to help you get started!

Glogster & Online Posters Tools & Resources

Glogster is a powerful online poster creation platform with an easy drag-and-drop interface and enables students to create interactive, aesthetically appealing, and media-rich posters. With Glogster students create “Glogs,” an online multimedia poster made with text, images, graphics, music, video and more.

Glogster EDU is an advertisement-free educational community wherein educators set up a ““virtual classroom” for their students. By default Glogs are private unless a teacher designates them as “public,” and students are assigned randomly generated login information and passwords. No student is identified by name. As such, Glogster EDU helps address issues of inappropriate content and undesirable contact with those outside an educational community.

Glogster EDU Basic is free to any school and a teacher can manage up to 50 students at no charge. Glogster EDU Premium costs $99 year (as of January 2011) for a single teacher license and a single teacher can have up to 200 student accounts. The Premium account provides increased controls and management of student accounts, enhanced support, and select extras.

Additional Online Poster Tools:

Enables user to add videos, documents, website links and more to a canvas, though its backgrounds are limited and it does not have an educational outreach program. Nota provides a ‘Quick Guide’ on their web site to help begin using the tool.

Essentially an online scrapbook platform that allows users to upload, organize and share images. Text can be added to each page along with the images and the final result is a virtual scrapbook that can be shared and viewed online. Here is a great example of a Mixbook about WWI.

This is a free Flash based website builder with professional looking templates that could be used to create an online poster. It has many tools, widgets, and embeddable multi-media options to choose from. There is no educational outreach program, but they provide outstanding video tutorials to help with your project.

Unlike any of the previous poster tools, Blabberize allows users to upload any image, crop the mouth on the image, record audio either directly at the Blabberize site or upload an existing mp3 file and the result is a talking image that can be kept private, shared or embedded in a web site or blog.

Canva is a simple, drag-and-drop, design software that’s completely online and free to use. Students can make images, infographics, posters, and more!  Canva’s poster maker makes it easy to create stunning posters by providing a suite of professionally designed templates.

Helpful Tips When Using Online Posters:

Examples of Online Posters

Here are examples of “Glogs” in the History and Social Studies classroom:

Note: Please be patient as some media elements within Glogs need time to load.

Virtual Posters with Glogster — 4th Grade Social Studies (YouTube)

Video Tutorials on Online Posters

Glogster EDU Tutorial (You Tube video)

Glogster in 90 Seconds (You Tube video)

Vuvox Tutorial (Youtube Video)

Mixbook Introduction Tutorial (Youtube Video)

Blabberize Tutorial (Youtube Video)

How to Integrate Online Posters

Online posters can be integrated in history and social studies classes in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Create multimedia presentations on countries and historic places.
  • Create a multimedia map of a region or state/province.
  • Create an interactive tour of a country or historical place.
  • Create a poster related to historical literature.
  • Create a natural history poster of famous natural sites.
  • Create a U.S.A. immigration or personal genealogical poster or tour.
  • Create a presentation based on regional artifacts and architecture.

Assessing multimedia projects can be difficult. We suggest you consult the following resources: