Why Flashcards?

Traditional paper based flashcards are common in many classrooms, regardless of grade level or topic.  When the process of creating, sharing and studying from flashcards is transferred to a web based tools, the results can have a positive impact on the process of retaining information explored in the classroom.  Many web based flashcard tools allow students to create, save, edit, share and study from their creation.  The studying process is dramatically transformed, as students can gather real time feedback as they work through a flashcard set.  In many instances, flashcard studying can be categorized into terms, concepts and ideas that students either understand or need to return to for further study.  Further, because these tools are web based, teachers and students can link to flashcard sets or embed them in a class website, blog or wiki.

Today there exist a whole range of free and easy to use online flashcard creation tools to provide opportunities to express their knowledge and their understanding.

Flashcard Creation Tools

Below are some specific tools for the creation of online comics.

Note: When choosing a tool consider its functionality and publishing possibilities:

  • Easy-to-use tools typically feature drag-and-drop interface
  • Can images be imported?
  • Can audio and video be recorded?
  • Can you create original art or do you choose from a library of images?
  • Can students create and collaborate?
  • Can the flashcard set be published elsewhere with an embed code?









Video Tutorials on Flashcards

Quizlet Video Tutorial

quizlet from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo.

StudyBlue Video Tutorials

CoboCards Video Tutorials

How to Integrate Flashcards

Flashcards can be integrated in history and social studies classes in a variety of ways:

  • Create a flashcard set based on historical photographs.
  • Create a flashcard stack about a historical event.
  • Create a flashcard set about a historical place.
  • Create a flashcard set for a unit of study.
  • Jigsaw a larger unit of study into smaller sections and have groups create flashcard sets to teach their section to the class.
  • Encourage otherwise reluctant writers to express themselves through flashcard sets.