AP History courses cover much content in a relatively compressed period of time. Yes, that’s true. That said, there are multiple ways that technology can help AP teachers and students:

  • Online curriculum resources – There are excellent, free Web-based curriculum guides with unit outlines, quizzes, PowerPoints, news links, flashcards, and more. See recommended resources below.
  • Primary Documents galore – There are an incredible amount of free historical primary sources on the Web. You can find some excellent primary sources here.
  • Online DBQs – There are excellent, free AP History DBQs on the Web. See sources below.
  • Multimedia presentations  – podcasts, oral histories, and video presentations/tutorials on a variety of topics
  • Research for critical thinking –  The tremendous array of historical primary and secondary sources on the Web provide limitless opportunities for students to research historical events. Consider asking students not only to analyze sources but find them as well.

For more ideas and a teacher’s perspective consult the AP Central article “Using Technology in Classroom” by Arnold Pulda.

Specific Inquiry Based Lessons

History Teacher
An impressive, award-winning site from a New York high school teacher. Features many research links and curriculum resources for Global Studies, U.S. AP History, US European History, and American History and Government. Also has quizzes, news links, documents, a few PowerPoints, and more.

AP History Online
Full of ads, but does feature major reviews of US history, a summary of important court cases, a chronology of party systems,40 sample multiple choice questions and answers, sample free-response questions, and more.

U.S. History Resources
Features on-line quizzes, outlines and charts, three DBQs, terms to know, and other information helpful for AP prep.

U.S. History for AP Students
Has notecards, outlines, historical documents, test tips, and AP Student Forum

The Western Heritage: Lesson Plans
Focus Lessons for The Western Heritage highlight important ideas and concepts in each chapter as well as the relevant sections in the program’s ancillaries. The Focus Lessons, written by an experienced AP teacher, suggest strategies for assessing how well your students understand the important points in each chapter and also provide test-taking tips that will help your students prepare for and take the AP European history test successfully

Brief Review in United States History and Government
Pearson (formerly Prentice Hall) makes a variety of online multiple choice tests and sample DBQs available through this website.

Cengage Learning Online Study Center for A People and a Nation: A History of the United States
There are 33 separate chapter review tests to support the textbook.

Cengage Learning Online Study Center for The American Pageant: A History of the Republic
There are 44 separate chapter review tests to support the textbook.

APUSH Research
The PHS library wiki, created by APUSH students, serves as a collaborative database of resources.

AP History Wikis

Wikis are a great online platform for collaborative communication. Students can add notes in the goal of building a set of course notes for the year, or they can collaboratively construct a list of historical defininitions. As such, a wiki can serve as an effective AP study guide. Each student could contribute a set of notes and resources in the form of text or multimedia (PowerPoint, podcast, video, etc.) and collaboratively edit and improve existing notes. Wikis are also a great medium for peer editing and workshopping papers and other forms of writing, since multiple people can contribute thoughts to the same document.

Three great wiki platforms for teachers are wikispaces, pbworks, and wet paint.

Collaborative Learning with Wikis (Part I) EdTechTeacher video tutorial

Wikis and Collaborative Learning: Wikispaces Part I from Thomas Daccord on Vimeo.


Wikis and Collaborative Learning: Wikispaces Part I from Thomas Daccord on Vimeo.

AP History Wikis:

Wikinotes Notes, and outlines for American Pageant and AP U.S. History, are readily available on the web, but, they’re also frequently full of errors and are lacking in clarity. This wiki attempts to remedy shortfalls.

Wikis from other history courses…