Fundamentally, assessing multimedia projects is no different from assessing a traditional project, writing assignment or presentation. The primary difference between traditional assessment and assessing multimedia projects created with technology and web 2.0 tools is that one must consider the unique features and possibilities associated with a specific medium. A podcast for example has a unique set of possibilities that are entirely different from a wiki. Whereas, a wiki would have a completely different set of expectations and requirements when compared to a student video project.

When assessing student work created with technology, it is important to consider the learning curve that is typically associated with using a new technology. Also there is the dual consideration of assessing the process and the product. Where the first podcast product may be somewhat lacking in refinement, the process used by the student group may have been exceptional. As the year progresses, the expectations for both the process and product may become more demanding as the students become more comfortable with the particular technology platform.

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